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We know there is more to the “end game” then a pretty picture. These case studies showcase how we approach a project and find unique and creative solutions to produce a memorable moment. One of our specialties is to style our projects so that they are indigenous to the area and have all aspects of the event reflect the local landscape.

Case Study #1

SCA Club & Field at Lincoln Financial Field

Philadelphia, PA

We took over the SCA Club for dinner and built a custom tent on the actual football field for the concert. Our dinner challenge was transforming a space where football fans typically buy casual snacks at a game into an elegant dinner club. We worked closely with the catering vendor to create a gourmet menu that featured a variety of Philly themed foods with a high-end twist – Philly cheese steak with sliced filet mignon! Fast food kiosks lining the walls were draped in coordinating fabric and large bars were transformed into upscale food stations. To avoid having the space look too large and uniform, we used a variety of table types, linens and centerpieces to create seating zones.

The custom tent presented a number of challenges: a small window of time for set up; flooring that had to be installed just days before the event to protect the field; and construction of an additional walkway tent to shield guests as they made their way into the main tent during inclement weather. Our client decided to subtly incorporate some new branding elements near the end of our planning, so we had to get very creative with our fixed budget to incorporate elements of hot pink that were not part of our original color scheme and metallic “mood board.” Pink lighting was used in the tunnel and pink floral was incorporated into dinner centerpieces. In the end, the guests had a great time rocking and rolling to a private Billy Idol concert, relaxing in the lush lounges and munching on a variety of tasty desserts.

Convene - October 2017

The Charles Group appeared in the October 2017 issue of Convene magazine for this event

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Case Study #2

Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier

San Diego, CA

Our initial floorplan had to be flipped due to inclement weather brought on by El Niño. We had selected this venue as it offered a large industrial structure suitable for a live concert with a cement forecourt area to tent for dinner. The back deck faced San Diego Bay, offering a picturesque setting for dessert. On the forecourt we created an urban chic farmers market with the entrance featuring a vintage truck, bales of hay, flowers and vegetables. Food stations were designed as various fresh farm to table “stalls” while custom bars and dessert stations were to be built using wooden crates and rustic details.

Just four days prior to the event, heavy rain was forecasted, so with the help of our vendors we implemented our rain plan. This meant: (1) amending the layout to accommodate fire exits, as well as space for the furniture and dessert stations originally planned outdoors on the back deck facing the ocean (2)obtaining required approval of the new plan by a fire marshal just days before the event (3) applying for permission from Homeland Security to walk the band down the federally regulated “off limits” side of the port building so they would not have to walk past the attendees.

The pièce de résistance was our WOW dessert station replacing our planned outdoor S’more offering and instead providing a variety of candy and marshmallows heated in cast iron skillets and served warm with a choice of cookie options. The guests were delighted with this creative and interactive offering!

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Case Study #3

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA)

The Charles Group was first retained by the HBA to launch its first Woman of the Year (WOTY) event in 1990 and we have been producing it ever since! Our initial challenge was to work with the HBA volunteer leadership to create an event that would firmly establish the organization as a leader in the industry and generate enough net income to support the future growth of the association. We succeeded in generating more than 350 attendees and tripled the association’s income. Today the event attracts 2,500 attendees and still generates a significant portion of the association’s annual net income. It is also widely recognized as the “go to” event in the pharmaceutical industry. The Charles Group also launched the HBA’s first Leadership Conference in 1999. The single day event generated 100 people in attendance and another revenue stream for the association. Today, the 2-day conference, named one of the top 100 leadership conferences in the country, generates more than 1,200 attendees and usually sells out. The general sessions offer prominent keynote speakers and simultaneous workshop sessions offered 3 different times throughout the 2 days. While the format continues to evolve, The Charles Group still remains an integral part of these exciting events!

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA)
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