Pandemic On-Site Protocol Consultation & Management

As the pandemic situation evolves and we start to look to the future, The Charles Group now offers services related to COVID-19 Safety Compliance Management for hybrid and in-person events.

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This risk mitigation planning offering is really a must-have for any organization hosting in-person events to ensure that all COVID-19 related requirements are met and that you are providing a safe environment for your attendees and staff. We can work with your organization on either a consultative or full compliance management basis, depending on your needs.

The Charles Group is here to help you navigate through it all, in the most informed and safest way possible.

Our team of Certified COVID-19 Compliance Officers can assist with the following:

  • Legal safety requirement research specific to your event location (state, county, municipality)
  • Development of a pre-event and onsite protocol plan, which will include requirements as well as recommendations. Topics covered will include:
    • Cleaning and sanitizing protocols
    • Health screening and testing protocols, as well as related health privacy implications
    • Event set-up and distancing guidelines
    • Event staff placement and scheduling
    • Contact tracing process management, including health department reporting procedures
  • Staff training on the dos and don’ts
  • Assistance with procuring approved equipment such as signage, sanitization and testing equipment, PPE, waste receptacles, online health questionnaires, and more
  • Onsite assistance from a Certified COVID-19 Compliance Officer to ensure protocol management
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