Décor, Lighting & Design

First impressions are everything. Nothing sets the tone better or faster for an event than the décor that intrigues guests from the minute they enter. Our creativity in designing events knows no bounds and is often the determining factor in why a new client not only chooses to work with us, but then continues to hire us year after year. Once the theme and creative elements of an event are established, we work with our designers to carefully select the colors, furniture, floral and other materials that will best surprise and delight all of the guests. We don’t just stop there. We also find ways to incorporate elements that are indigenous to the local landscape providing another layer of uniqueness to the event. Production and staging are also complex components of delivering your message. Our producers and directors facilitate the technical elements in a way that is customized to your audience’s needs and seamless to their experience. We manage all of the elements including lighting, sound, video, staging and onsite labor.

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